Monday, May 18, 2015

my 20% time reflection (nick)

i feel that 20% time is a good learning experience, but at the beginning of the year i stressed out until the actual ted talk because i thought it would be super scary, but really it's not. I have really bad stage fright (or i did) but ted talk helped me get over that because when i got up on stage it was kind of fun and afterwards i was proud of myself for talking in front of my classmates without freaking out. now they whole school was invited BUT barley anyone came, like maybe 2 classes at one time. For the first time forever i'm glad barley anyone came to see our performance.

20% time experience

I didn't like the 20% time project. It could be kind of cool at times, and I liked our idea of making the harry potter models, but over all, I didn't like it. Basically, It was something that the school forced you to do, and forced you to spend time on it at home and work on it, or else your grade failed. But then after that, they made you get up in front of the entire school and talk about it. For people with stage fright (Me), that is really scary. But then on top of that, you get an 80 % grade for doing it. So, if you do bad because of your stage fright, then you pretty much fail your grade. So over all, I think that the 20 % time project is not a good idea for classes in the future.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

you gotta believe

we have tried 3 other ideas and we are really hoping this one works!

Almost there

We are almost done. We have everything we need, and we have already tried 3 different ideas. But, I am going on vacation next week, and while I am there, I am going to attempt to finish it.

Monday, April 13, 2015

our prototype

our prototype is about halfway finished and we just need to put it all together now

The Other Peice

We had a problem with the wires fitting through the wand, but I have fixed the problem by printing out a new peice that actually fits. But because of that, we couldn't get started over the weekend because we had to think of a new way to make the wand work. But as soon as we figure out a new way to make it work, then we are going to fully build it.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

We Have a Problem

When we were fitting the wires into the handle of the wand, we realized that the first part of the handle is wider than the top, and it's making the wires not fit into the handle. So, we are going to print out another handle EXACTLY the same size as the top part of the handle, to fix it.